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{{image url="images/wikka_logo.jpg" alt="wikka logo" title="Welcome to Project Gotland"}} You may want to read the [[About | the about page]] to learn what tyhis site is about.---------{{color c='red' text='NOTE: This site registrations disabled by default.'}} Please contact the admin for user registrations
{{image url="images/wikka_logo.jpg" alt="wikka logo" title="Welcome to your Wikka site"}}---{{checkversion}}---Thanks for installing Wikka! This wiki runs on version ##{{wikkaversion}}##, patch level ##{{wikkapatchlevel}}##. You may want to read the [[WikkaReleaseNotes | release notes]] to learn what's new in this release.---------{{color c='red' text='NOTE: This version has registrations disabled by default.'}} You MUST enable user registrations in ##wikka.config.php## (##'allow_user_registration' => '1',##) to allow access by users other than the administrator set up during installation.------>>==Keep up-to-date==To receive the latest news from the Wikka Development Team, you can sign up to one of our [[ | mailing lists]], subscribe to our [[ | Blog]] or join us for a chat on [[ | IRC]].--->>====Getting started====Double-click on this page or click on the **Edit** link in the page footer to get started. If you are not sure how a wiki works, you can check out the [[FormattingRules | Wikka formatting guide]] and play in the SandBox.------>>==Need more help?==Don't forget to visit the [[ | WikkaWiki website]]!>>====Some useful pages====
~-[[FormattingRules | Wikka formatting guide]]
~-[[WikkaDocumentation | Documentation]]
~-[[RecentChanges | Recently modified pages]]
~-[[SysInfo | System Information]]

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